About OwnLife

About Monique Bruining

I am an energetic, playful and warm person with strong roots in both Surinam and the Netherlands. Feeling vibrant, creative and alive is very important to me and I enjoy seeing and provoking this in people around me. Together with my two sons and husband we have overcome many challenges in life. This led me to believe that everyone has the ability to rise after falling! My goal in creating OwnLife is to bring this valuable asset, resilience, into people’s lives. Getting back on your feet after a difficult time or situation is the best thing there is.

People who dare to address the things that keep them awake at night in pursuit of a fulfilling life, fascinate and inspire me.

My professional background

After obtaining my Master’s degree in Chemical Technology from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), I moved to Maastricht University to work on my PhD. After obtaining my PhD degree, I embarked on a career at Johnson & Johnson. It is here that I learned that supporting people on their journey towards their goals is my true passion. At the Dutch Polymer Institute I continued to put this passion into practice. I am currently in the role of Managing Director at the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (TU/e). I have a professional co-active- and a Basic MMS- coaching certificate. I combine the beautiful art of coaching with my role at the TU/e.

With my passion and devotion, I have helped people from different walks of life to reconnect with their “why”, to discover their strengths, and pursue their dreams”.

About OwnLife

How can OwnLife help? Through real, open and honest talks we will explore uncharted parts of yourself and topics that matter to you. Together we will uncover new insights and provoke movement towards reaching your goals.

Focused on YOU! When we partner, the focus is 100% on you; and when it comes to choosing the inner areas of development to explore, you take the lead. We partner in a confidential, respectful, safe and pleasant (physical or online) setting. Coaching sessions can be done in either Dutch or English.

What can YOU expect? As your coach, you can expect me to be inviting and playful whilst also challenging you, all with the purpose of creating new insights and more options for you to move towards your goals and own your life with joy.

I welcome everything that you are and bring to the table! We will get to know each other better and will shape our valuable moments together! Do not hesitate to give me a try! As soon as you walk through my door I am at your service!

All trajectories start with a sample session of 30 minutes free of charge.